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Mountain Lions And Cougars And Pumas, Oh My!

Cougar (file photo).

Cougar (file photo).

Art G. /Flickr/

Cougars, also known as mountain lions and pumas, can be drawn into urban and suburban areas for a variety of reasons. Last week, a cougar showed up in a Portland backyard and was ultimately captured and euthanized by wildlife officials. That follows other recent cougar incidents in urban areas, and has some people questioning the policy of euthanizing cougars that show up in the city.

David Baron is the author of The Beast in the Garden. He says that cougars are not unique, in that they are merely among the wild animals attracted to populated areas. Cougars often follow deer, which are lured in by lush, urban gardens.

We’ll talk to David Baron and check back with wildlife biologist Brian Wolfer, who we last spoke with after a bear was removed from a tree in a Portland neighborhood and later relocated.

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