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Movie Theaters in the Age of Netflix

Pete Springer/OPB

Movie ticket sales ain’t what they used to be. Although movie executives point to rising sales abroad, domestically tickets sales are in the decline. Then again, things are a little different in Portland, a city littered with independent movie houses. This week, you can see a popcorn blockbuster like The Hunger Games, grab a beer and watch a film already out on DVD, like Hugo, and then finish with a slice of pie and the 1990 television show Twin Peaks.

But in a time when — if you’re savvy and, ahem, fearless enough — you can watch almost any movie you want, for free, on your computer, why even go out to see a movie?

We’ll talk to two movie theater programmers who are trying to answer that question in different ways.

Are you a movie fan? Where do you watch movies these days? What does it take to get to into a theater?

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