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Mubarak Stepping Down

Pete Springer/OPB

Thousands of Egyptians are crying, “Egypt is free! Egypt is free!” this morning after President Hosni Mubarak made an about face and announced he is stepping down. The news comes on the heels of his speech to the nation yesterday that he would resign. Mubarak has fled to the Sinai resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh. This is a flip flop from yesterday, when the embattled leader faced thousands crowded in Cairo’s Tahrir Square amidst.  Yesterday, he said he would delegate some power to his vice president, but refused to cave to international pressure to resign. After he spoke, the crowd in the Square erupted with roars of “get out!” A protester in the crowd told CNN: “This guy is calling for more rage in the country.”

While some U.S. foreign policy analysts look at the change developing in Egypt and what it means to countries like Israel, other folks, like high school world history teachers, are challenged with giving historical context to the developing situation.

On this show we’ll reconnect with some members of the Egyptian community in Oregon who we’ve spoken with before to find out how they’re reacting to this news. And we’ll hear from you — what do you think of what President Mubarak said?


  • Ahmed Raslan - Egyptian living in Oregon
  • Ahmed Shams - Egyptian living in Oregon
  • Dominick Degiovanno - Freshman world history teacher at Wilsonville High School

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