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New Mental Health Center

Pete Springer/OPB

Last month the City of Portland unveiled an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to address a pattern of excessive force among officers, particularly against people with mental illness. A key component of the agreement is the creation of at least one new drop-off/walk-in mental health center.

The agreement says the facility will open in 2013, but the details are still unclear. Adams said in a press conference about all the proposed changes, including the mental health center: “No, I have not yet figured out how to pay for it, but we will. First we had to get the agreement settled.”

While the agreement is binding for the city and the police bureau, it puts the responsibility for the drop-off center squarely on local coordinated care organizations:

…local CCOs will establish, by mid-2013, one or more drop-off center(s) for first responders and public walk-in centers for individuals with addictions and/or behavioral health service needs. All such drop off/walk in centers should focus care plans on appropriate discharge and community based treatment options, including assertive community treatment teams, rather than unnecessary hospitalization.

How would your life be affected by a new mental health center like the one described in this agreement?

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