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New Rules for Oregon's Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana (file photo).

Marijuana (file photo).


Oregon’s medical marijuana dispensary law goes into effect in March of 2014. The committee writing the rules for the new law finished up its work this week, but committee members say there’s still plenty of loose ends to be tied up.

Rob Bovett is a member of the rules committee and the district attorney for Lincoln County. He says the way the law was written left the committee with few options for regulating dispensaries. “We are going to roll out what I consider to be a train wreck,” he said.

One issue the new rules do not address is what happens in cities that have created local laws to effectively ban dispensaries from obtaining business licenses. According to committee members, that conflict will have to be resolved in the courts.

We’ll hear from rule committee members Rob Bovett and Oregon Rep. Peter Buckley (D-Ashland), who is also one of the co-sponsors of the dispensary law.

Do you have a medical marijuana card? Will you use the dispensaries? What questions do you have about these new businesses?

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