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News Roundtable | Attorney General Race | Urban-Rural Exchange

In the 12 years since the urban-rural exchange program was launched by Oregon State University Extension 4H, the program has matured into a yearly exchange.

  • Bitch Media online editor Sarah Mirk, OPB news content manager Kim Freda, and Doug Badger of Quinn Thomas weigh in on some of the biggest stories of the week in a Thursday edition of our News Roundtable.
  • Incumbent Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum (D) joins us to talk about what she’s accomplished in office, and why she should be re-elected over her Republican challenger, Daniel Crowe. Then we talk to Crowe about why he’s running and what he’d do as Oregon’s attorney general.
  • In 2009, OPB’s Field Guide followed along with Portland elementary school students who were invited to live and work with Eastern Oregon ranch families for four days. We catch up with one of those students seven years later to see how the experience changed her.

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