Maria Soto and her husband, Alfredo.

Maria Soto and her husband, Alfredo.

Photo courtesy of the ACLU of Oregon 





  • College textbooks can cost exorbitant amounts of money, adding to the huge financial burden many students have to shoulder to get a degree. Chemeketa Community College is doing something about that. It’s printing its own textbooks, and estimates it has saved students millions of dollars in the last five years. We sit down with the managing editor of Chemeketa Press, Brian Mosher.



  • We talk to ACLU of Oregon staff attorney Leland Baxter-Neal about the case brought against the federal government on behalf of U.S. citizen and southern Oregon resident Maria Soto. Soto was denied a U.S. passport despite being born in a hospital in Los Angeles County, California, and having her original birth certificate and other ample documentation of her citizenship. The ACLU says cases like Soto’s appear to be on the rise

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