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A still from the film "Dry," which examines the harsh reality of many young women who have fistula.

A still from the film “Dry,” which examines the harsh reality of many young women who have fistula.

courtesy of the Cascade Festival of African Films

  • Senior fellow at the Center for Public Service at Portland State University Barbara Dudley, director of the Oregon State University Center for the Humanities Christopher McKnight Nichols, and Jim Pasero of Third Century Solutions join us to talk about some of the biggest stories in another very busy week.
  • We sit down with Tracy Francis, the coordinator for one of the nation’s oldest African film festivals in the country: The Cascade Festival of African Films at Portland Community College. Among other feature films, Francis tells us about “Dry,” inspired  by a true story about a young woman’s struggle with fistula — a condition which affects two million women worldwide. And we talk to Dr. Rahel Nardos at OHSU who travels to and from Ethiopia to help women with fistula.

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