A Costco customer loads groceries into her car in Tigard, Oregon, March 20, 2020.

A Costco customer loads groceries into her car in Tigard, Oregon, March 20, 2020.

Arya Surowidjojo/OPB



  • Christy George, Scott Bruun and Naseem Rakha join us to give opinions and analysis of some of the week’s biggest news stories.



  • Grant County, Oregon, recently launched an informal program for neighbors and friends in the county of 7,000 to check on each other as the coronavirus continues to spread. Steve Fletcher, with the county’s incident management team, says as the coronavirus spreads, it’s important to have both formal and informal programs like Phone a Friend to get help to those who may need it.



  • As consumers clean store shelves of essentials like toilet paper, experts insist the grocery supply chain remains strong. Scott DuHadway, the Cameron Professor of Supply Chain Management at Portland State University, thinks COVID-19 will have long term impacts on how companies prepare for and respond to disasters. We hear from DuHadway about how different industries are handling unprecedented disruptions on both sides of the supply chain.

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