Ben Dickinson and Brittany Heath at Crater Lake in 2019.

Ben Dickinson and Brittany Heath at Crater Lake in 2019.

Courtesy of Ben Dickinson



  • We get analysis and opinions on some of the week’s big stories from our news roundtable. Joining us this week: Rick Thomas from Quinn Thomas; KLCC news director Rachael McDonald, and writer Naseem Rakha.



  • This week, we learned that the Bend Bulletin will be sold to an Oregon-based company. And Jefferson Public Radio recently revealed that Sinclair Broadcasting is a major investor in the company that owns the Medford and Ashland newspapers. What does this news mean for Oregon media? Damian Radcliffe is a journalism professor at the University of Oregon. He joins us to talk about what ownership changes mean for local journalism.



  • Every year, thousands of people take on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), hiking 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada. Ben Dickinson and Brittany Heath connected on the trail and have relied on each other to push themselves to continue hiking — even after one of them had to be defibrillated twice. Dickinson joins us.

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