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News Roundtable Jan. 6 | Logging Under Trump Pt. 2 | What Cults Can Teach Us

Loading logs onto the line at a lumber mill in Glendale, Oregon.

Loading logs onto the line at a lumber mill in Glendale, Oregon.

Jes Burns, OPB/EarthFix

  • Our news round table takes up some of the big stories of the week. Our guests are: Quinn Thomas managing partner Doug Badger, OPB News Director Anna Griffin, and retired city administrator Art Alexander.
  • Steve Swanson, CEO of the lumber company Swanson Group, shares what he’s expecting from the Trump Administration when it comes to timber harvesting on public lands.
  • Sociologist Marion Goldman says studying how people get caught up in cults can shed light on how and why people believe in fake news and conspiracy theories.

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