• OPB’s Anna Griffin, Portland State University’s Lisa Bates and former GOP lawmaker Julie Parrish join us to analyze and give their opinions on some of the big stories of the week.



  • The high cost of health insurance, the scarcity of psychiatric treatment beds and an overburdened emergency clinic for psychiatric patients all make finding mental health treatment difficult, especially for someone in the midst of a crisis. In the past year, three of the four people fatally shot by Portland Police officers were in the midst of apparent mental health crises. Vince and Sara Salvi have two sons who have struggled with mental illness. They share their experiences with negotiating the system and their interactions with police.  



  • Oregon’s senior senator, Ron Wyden (D-OR), is one of the sponsors of a bill called the “Taxpayer First Act.” He’s gotten pushback this week after ProPublica reported that his bill would make it impossible for the IRS to create free tax preparation software that would compete with products like TurboTax. We talk to the senator about it.

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