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News Roundtable | Oregon Health Authority | Race In The Classroom

  • The Oregon Health Authority was recently beset by scandal after reports that high-level leaders circulated a media plan to smear Portland-based Medicaid provider FamilyCare. Gov. Kate Brown forced out then-director Lynne Saxton and has since named her replacement. Patrick Allen was previously the director of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services. He joins us to talk about his new role and what’s in store for the beleaguered health agency.
  • As students and teachers head back to school amidst an ongoing national conversation about hate groups, history and racism, some students are advocating for opportunities to discuss issues of race and prejudice in the classroom. We’re joined by Fatmah Worfeley, an incoming senior at Portland State University who works with Momentum Alliance and Grace Didway, an incoming senior at Oregon City High School who works with Oregon Student Voice.

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