• The Oregon Trail game was created in 1971 to help students learn American history. The game has been played by kids all over the United States. Now it’s been reimagined in a project led by more than 30 indigenous people. We talk with Nichlas Emmons, the co-creative director of the game, and Kris Knigge, a contributing writer.



  • One tried and true way to pass the time when you’re alone indoors is to read a book. We thought perhaps we could try an experiment with our listeners that would allow us to spend time alone … together. We’d like to try to host a sort of on-air book club. We’ve chosen a book by a Pacific Northwest author that seems to have some resonance with the particular moment we’re living through right now. And we hope you all will read it with us, and then call in to talk about the book with us in a few weeks. Nicola Griffith lives in Seattle. She wrote the book we’ve chosen, ‘Ammonite,’ along with a number of others.

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