Constantin Severe heads the Independent Police Review department in the Auditor's office at the City of Portland.

Constantin Severe heads the Independent Police Review department in the Auditor’s office at the City of Portland.

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  • Oregon Health and Science University apologized last week for a policy that denied a liver transplant to an undocumented Portland woman. Though OHSU later reversed its policy, denying patients transplants due to immigration status is common practice at many transplant centers. David Magnus, the director of the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, and William Bennett from Legacy Transplant Services tell us about the ethics of selecting who is eligible for an organ transplant.

  • Constantin Severe joins us to share the findings and recommendations in the latest Independent Police Review commissioned report looking into the Portland Police Bureau’s use of force from March 2014 - June 2015. Police Chief Danielle Outlaw says she agrees with all 26 of the report’s recommendations. Severe also gives us his view on how much progress police have made toward changing the patterns and practices that led to the 2012 federal Department of Justice settlement, approved by a federal judge in 2014.

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