Rapper and activist Mic Crenshaw speaks with "Think Out Loud" host David Miller about his past decade.

Rapper and activist Mic Crenshaw speaks with “Think Out Loud” host David Miller about his past decade.

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  • Going to sit in the audience at a theater isn’t an option right now, but Portland Center Stage has commissioned a series of plays aimed at bringing the theater into our homes. As a part of the Play at Home project, PCS commissioned four artists to write scripts for short plays that can be read and performed by anyone in the community in the comfort of their own homes. Anya Pearson and Josie Seid are two of the playwrights who worked on the project.



  • Portland hip-hop artists Mic Crenshaw, Karma Rivera and C3 the Guru have performed at Black Lives Matter protests and block parties over the past few weeks. They all believe that music can be a revolutionary tool for BIPOC liberation from white supremacy, as well as an expression of Black joy, or a way to celebrate Black culture and history. We hear from these three artists about how they have been engaging with the protests and what changes they want to see in Portland.

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