Special housing cells at an Oregon Department of Corrections prison.

Special housing cells at an Oregon Department of Corrections prison.

Oregon Department Of Corrections





  • People whose loved ones are in prison in Oregon are worried about the spread of COVID-19 inside the state’s 14 correctional institutions. Last week, a man at the Oregon State Penitentiary died after testing positive for the virus. His is considered the first COVID-19-related death connected to the state’s prison system. Inmates are particularly at risk for contracting the virus because social distancing is often impossible inside prisons and jails. People who are incarcerated also often have underlying health conditions. We hear from Natasha Pickens, whose husband, Anthony Pickens, is currently incarcerated at the Oregon State Penitentiary and Colette Peters, director of the Oregon Department of Corrections.



  • African-American runner Amaud Arbery was shot and killed in February by armed residents of the south Georgia neighborhood he was jogging through. This week, a white police officer in Minneapolis took the life of a black man named George Floyd. These events sparked protests not only in Minneapolis and Atlanta, but also in other U.S. cities, including Portland. We talk with two African-American runners about how Arbery’s killing has affected them and what their experience has been running in Portland. And we ask what they think the death of George Floyd says about race and racism in America.

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