Plaintiffs in the Juliana v United States climate change lawsuit.

Plaintiffs in the Juliana v United States climate change lawsuit.

Our Climate Trust

  • The Yurok tribe in the Klamath River basin has canceled Chinook salmon fishing for the third year in a row. The tribe says the lack of fish causes incalculable economic and cultural damage.
  • An unprecedented legal challenge to current climate change policy is still on hold at this hour, awaiting a decision out of the U.S. Supreme Court. The case, known as Juliana v. United States, was scheduled to begin on Monday in a federal court in Eugene, when it was temporarily halted. The case was brought by young people in Oregon and around the country arguing that the government continues to pursue environmental policies that exacerbate climate change, violating the rights of plaintiffs to life, liberty and property. We get the latest from Lewis & Clark law professor Melissa Powers.

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