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Northwest Clinicians Will Share Notes With Patients Online

 A group of Northwest medical groups and healthcare providers have collaborated to be the first regional adopters of OpenNotes, a movement for clinicians to use an online portal to share their patient visit notes. Federal Law mandates a patient’s right to access all medical records, including a doctor’s notes. But with Open Notes, patients can simply log on and see everything — instead of spending lots of money and time requesting a print copy.

In 2010, a study was done to test out OpenNotes. Ninety-nine percent of the over 13,000 patients in the study said they’d like the access to continue. Many reported that they felt more in control of their medical issues, and a number said it became easier to take their prescribed medications. While doctors have concerns about patients not understanding their notes, or perhaps even being offended by them, the OpenNotes initiative is becoming more popular with clinicians nationwide.


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