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From the latest gadgets and innovations to fresh startups and conferences, local technology insider Rick Turoczy covers the industry from all angles. We’ll chat with him about some of the biggest news out of the Silicon Forest.

Among his recent favorite stories: the success of the Portland-made ElevationDock, the first crowd-sourced project to raise over one million dollars; and the up-coming XOXOFest, a three-day event showcasing independently produced technology and art.

Turoczy says Portland’s tech scene often gets overshadowed by our West Coast neighbors in Seattle and Northern California, where industry giants such as Amazon and Apple reside. Not to worry, he says, as Portland’s tech specialties often remain behind the scenes, providing the support platforms and marketing software that the giants rely upon. Industry insiders affectionately refer to Portland as a “pick-axe culture,” a riff on the mining outfitters who struck their own kind of riches selling miners supplies during the gold rush. 


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