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Obama Addresses Military Policy

Pete Springer/OPB

President Obama gave a speech today addressing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (commonly referred to as drones). He discussed the difficulty his administration has faced in making decisions to kill enemy combatants using drones. Obama said, “These strikes have saved lives.” But he also acknowledged they “have resulted in civilian casualties,” which will “haunt us for the rest of our lives,” referring to those who authorized the strikes. The administration has finalized standards for reviewing and approving drone strikes, but the president also suggested that specialized courts or executive oversight boards could be useful for regulating the use of drones.

The president also announced he would lift the moratorium on detainee transfers from Guantanamo to Yemen, which could open the door to reducing the number of prisoners at the camp.

What were you looking to hear from Obama’s speech? Did he answer your questions? What didn’t you hear?

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