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Obama Holds 9 am Press Conference

What do you think of Obama’s economic team?

It is just Monday morning and the Think Out Loud schedule has been turned upside-down already! At 9 am President-elect Barack Obama and Vice-President elect Joe Biden will announce their economic team. News has been leaking out about their announcements over the weekend, but this will be the official word. They’re expected to announce New York Federal Reserve President Tim Geithner as treasury secretary and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers as chief of the National Economic Council.

OPB will carry NPR’s coverage of this press conference when it happens. The Think Out Loud team will be standing by, listening closely, and getting ready to react if time permits before 10 am. We have analysts ready to go, call screeners prepared to take your calls and, of course, Dave will be closely monitoring the blog.

So, as we wait to see how long the presser will go — and if Think Out Loud will actually end up having a show this morning — start posting now on the economic team. What do you think of the announced choices? What are you looking for from Obama’s economic team? What does he have to say to instill confidence in you in the economic future of this country?

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