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Occupy Boise

Pete Springer/OPB

Months after similar camps in Portland and Seattle were shut down, Occupy Boise has managed to foil Idaho’s attempts to shut it down. The group still keeps a 24-hour presence at 5th and Jefferson, in front of the old Ada County Courthouse.

The state has made several efforts to evict the group from the property. In January, it passed a law that banned camping on state-owned property. But a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction saying the law could only keep protesters from sleeping overnight and eating there. Members of the movement could still keep their tents on the property, hold meetings, and keep a 24-hour vigil.

As a legal battle plays out over that ruling, the state government is seeking another route to evict the protesters. The House just passed HB 693, which would give the state Department of Administration rule-making authority over the property, likely meaning an end to the encampment.

Are you following the Occupy Movement? What questions do you have for those who are still occupying Boise?

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