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Occupy Portland

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Last month, hundreds of protesters began to gather in a park just off of Wall Street in New York City. The protests were popularized by the anti-commercial activist magazine, Adbusters; the hacker group Anonymous; and the protest group, US Day of Rage. The protest is known as Occupy Wall Street, but other than a title, it’s unclear what unifies the protesters.

Their website identifies the protesters as part of “the 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%,” in reference to the widely circulated statistic that 1% of Americans control 40% of the country’s wealth. The group has offered no platforms or policies for reform, but something about the movement has caught on. And Portland, along with many other cities around the globe, is holding its own protest: Occupy Portland.

The Portland group shares an ideology with Occupy Wall Street, but considers itself independent. It says it demands accountability from the U.S. government, and is planning a protest at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park at noon on Thursday.

Do you identify with the Occupy Portland message? Do you plan on going to the protest? Does a movement need a unified message? What would you like to see the protest accomplish?

UPDATE: Producers Dave Blanchard and Alex Johnson attended a meeting associated with the planned Occupy Portland protest on Monday night. Kenneth Kreuscher, an attorney, addressed the group for a little over an hour. Kreuscher talked about knowing one’s civil liberties during a protest.

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