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On The Job: Campaign Manager

Pete Springer/OPB

With the 2012 election fast approaching the news is filled with stories of the various candidates and their campaigns. Less prominent are those behind the scenes of these political operations, the campaign managers.

Steve Hildebrand first got involved with politics at the age of 18 with George McGovern’s campaign in South Dakota, and from there he was “hooked.” Thirty years later he has a long list of campaigns under his belt, including those of Senators Tim Johnson and Tom Daschle in 2002 and 2004 respectively, as well as other democratic campaigns such as Al Gore’s 1999 and 2000 Iowa caucuses, and the Women Vote! Program for EMILY’s List. However it is his role as deputy campaign manager in Obama’s 2008 campaign that he is most recently recognized for. Steve’s work with Obama began long before he decided to run for president, and he has even been referred to as “Obama’s secret weapon”.

When not involved in a political campaign, Steve runs a political consultation firm in South Dakota.

Have you worked for a campaign? What was your experience like? What questions do you have for Obama’s deputy campaign manager?

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