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One Year Later, An Occupy Update

Pete Springer/OPB

a href=”/news/article/a-young-movement-looks-back-on-its-first-year/”>One year ago, thousands of people marched through the streets of downtown Portland to show support for the Occupy movement. Last month protesters gathered in Southeast Portland for a peaceful march to mark the national one year anniversary.

As part of the movement, protesters have gathered at banks, ports, and foreclosed homes around the city. Shortly after Occupy Portland started on Oct 6th 2011, hundreds of protesters moved into encampments for over a month before police forced them out in a raid.The rallies held throughout the city were mostly peaceful, although three Occupy Portland protesters are on trial for their arrest last November while leaving the camps.

After protesters were evicted from encampments, the number of rallies slowly decreased as the months passed. Smaller rallies and protests still have been taking place in front of major banks in the Portland area, and some Occupiers have rented out office space at St. Francis of Assisi, but the momentum that was Occupy a year ago has faded.

What do you think of the Occupy movement in Portland? Has it phased out or do you think it’s still going strong? Do you think Occupy had an impact on the city? If so, how?


  • Kip Silverman: Organizer, Activist and Volunteer of Occupy Portland
  • Kari Koch: On the media team for Occupy Portland and co-founder of the Portland Action Lab
  • Mark Nerys: Occupy Portland Library Co-Founder
occupy portland protests one year anniversary

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