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OPB's Geoff Norcross On Jeopardy! And Risking It All

Jeopardy!'s Alex Trebek and OPB's Geoff Norcross

Jeopardy!’s Alex Trebek and OPB’s Geoff Norcross

OPB Morning Edition host Geoff Norcross was a contestant on Jeopardy! last Friday. In case you missed it, he was winning big until he wagered too much in Double Jeopardy.

All the same, it was a dream turned reality. Geoff has been trying to be on the famous game show since he was a teenager, when he played along almost nightly from his living room. And he says all that prep work seemed to pay off when he was actually in front of Alex Trebek. We’ll ask him how you get ready for a show that’s known for its random trivia answered in the form of a question.

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OPB | Broadcast: Jan. 20, 2014