The Oregon Pioneer, or "Gold Man," stands atop the Oregon Capitol in Salem.

The Oregon Pioneer, or “Gold Man,” stands atop the Oregon Capitol in Salem.

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  • Chris Lehman and Gordon Friedman with The Oregonian/Oregonlive join us to preview the work lawmakers will be undertaking in the 2017 legislative session, which begins today.



  • John Zielinski with the Oregon Farm Bureau joins us to talk about what farmers are hoping for from the Federal government in terms of immigration. Also, we check in with local lawyer Bradley Maier, who says it’s likely worker visa programs may be changed in a forthcoming executive order.



  • Since the 1990s, sea lion predation on protected fish species has been a problem at dams throughout the Pacific Northwest. A new study suggests we could start to solve that problem by thinking about sea lion behavior through the lens of epidemiology. We talk to Zach Shackner with the National Marine Fish Services Office.

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