In this undated photo, folk singer Woody Guthrie plays his guitar.

In this undated photo, folk singer Woody Guthrie plays his guitar.


  • The Oregon Bach Festival was founded in the ‘70s by award-winning, artistic director Helmuth Rilling, who retired in 2013. The festival enters it’s fifth decade this year with high-profile performances, including a commission by Philip Glass. But with the firing of Rilling’s successor, Matthew Halls, last fall, OBF is now operating without the benefit of an artistic director, and some critics say the festival has already shrunk significantly. We get perspectives from the festival’s education director, Dave Goudy, and former board member and singer Amy Adams.
  • In 1941, Woody Guthrie wrote 26 songs in 30 days when he was hired by Bonneville Power Administration to extol the virtues of hydroelectric power. We listen back to an interview with Greg Vandy, the author of a book about the folk legend’s time in the Pacific Northwest.

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