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Oregon City Schools Opt Out of Grant Money

Pete Springer/OPB

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Last year, the Chalkboard Project received a $24.4 million grant from the federal Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) to be divided among seven school districts in Oregon. The money was intended to bolster their Creative Leadership Achieves Student Success (CLASS) project, which funnels money to restructuring performance evaluation, career paths, professional development, and compensation models

For the past year, the seven districts have been trying to figure out how to implement the grant. The biggest point of contention is that the TIF money requires performance-based compensation.

Six of the seven districts — including Bend-La Pine, Salem-Keizer, and Albany — are going ahead with the TIF money. But Oregon City has decided to opt out of their $2.54 million chunk due in part to the performance-based pay requirement.

Do you have children in the Oregon City School District? Do you agree with the district’s decision to refuse the grant money?


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