Hazelnuts (or filberts to Oregonians) are harvested at Thistledown Farms in Eugene, Oregon.

Hazelnuts (or filberts to Oregonians) are harvested at Thistledown Farms in Eugene, Oregon.

Kelly Lyon/The Register-Guard



  • Oregon produces 99 percent of the United States’ crop of hazelnuts, but Turkish grown hazelnuts account for nearly 70 percent of the global market. The recent collapse of the Turkish lira could lead the world’s largest hazelnut producer to discount their product, which could have far-reaching consequences for Oregon hazelnut farmers. Terry Ross, executive director at the Hazelnut Growers Bargaining Association, joins us to discuss.



  • “Clubhouses” around the world give people with mental illness job experience and social support. Ahead of the opening of a Clubhouse International in Roseburg, we talk about Medford’s Compass House. Compass House executive director Elizabeth Hazelwood and Compass House member Karen Campbell join us.



  • Wildfire smoke has blanketed the Portland area and air quality has reached unhealthy levels. We hear from Colby Neuman, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service Portland, and Katherine Benenati, a spokesperson for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, about what that means.



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