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Oregon Health Insurance Exchange

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If there’s one area of life that will never cease to be a topic of conversation, it’s got to be your health. Last week week we spoke with the head of the Oregon Health Authority about what they mean when they talk about “transforming” health care. 

Now we’re moving on to the latest on health insurance. The federal governmnent is providing cash for states to set up health insurance exchanges. Oregon was moving on this idea even before it was mandated by federal law. The idea is simple: you should be able to go online, key in some information and come away with a substantive comparison of what kind of health insurance coverage you could buy for what money.

In order for it to go forward, Oregon lawmakers must approve the business plan that the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange (ORHIX) is submitting. The 2012 short session of the legislature begins Wednesday. If it all goes as planned, ORHIX executive director Rocky King says they could have a functioning system to test by about this time next year, with the grand opening in October 2013.

Have you had difficulty in the past deciding on health insurance? If you’re currently in the market to buy health insurance, what do you hope the new system will provide?


  • Rocky King: Executive director of the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange
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