Oregon looks like fresh picked fruit, homemade pickles and cabin living — at least according to Camille Storch. The Philomath, Oregon, beekeeper was named Oregon’s Instagram photographer to follow by Time magazine, and with over 28,000 followers she’s giving the internet a glimpse of rural life. 

Scroll through Storch’s account to find crates of plump blueberries and shining cherries. She said that she is inspired by Oregon’s farmland.

“This is the only time of year I’m not jealous of all the California produce. We have it all now. They can be jealous of us,” Storch said. 

Storch started her Instagram account five years ago as a way to document her life. She said that the site helped expand her experience.

“For about 10 years we lived off the grid in a cabin in the woods,” she said. “Instagram for me was a way to connect with the wider world.”

Cooking successes and failed experiments all ended up online. Storch said that she began swapping recipes and advice with the Instagram community.

“Instagram for me is about idea sharing,” Storch said. 

Storch said it took some adjusting when she started to put her life online. Her husband would catch her staring at her account.

“He thought it was kind of nuts,” she said. He has since been converted to Instagram where he posts about his honey business. “I’m sure he spends as much time on it as I do.” 

Storch is careful to say that her account only represents one small slice of a diverse state. However, she understands the appeal.

“This is different. This is beautiful and interesting,” she said. “I think that’s what drew a lot of people in.”