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Oregon Legislature Considers New Gun Laws

Pete Springer/OPB

A Senate judiciary committee is holding a public hearing Friday on four bills that would increase gun regulation in Oregon:

  • SB 700 would require a person to pass a criminal background check for all gun transactions except between immediate family members.
  • SB 796 would require anyone applying for a concealed handgun permit to pass a firing range test.
  • SB 347 would prohibit people with concealed handgun permits to possess a firearm on school grounds.
  • SB 699 would prohibit the possession of firearms in public buildings such as the Capitol building in Salem.

We’ll check in with reporter Harry Esteve from the Oregonian about highlights from the hearing and what kind of political momentum these bills have.

Are you following the conversation about guns in this legislative session? Which of these bills are you particularly concerned or excited about?

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