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Oregon Lottery Update

Pete Springer/OPB

Since our show about the Oregon Lottery’s plan to roll out new online games, the governor has put the brakes on the program and three lottery employees have resigned. The Oregonian reported that although the new ORcade games were set to launch this month after two years of prep work, the project is now on hold indefinitely. Governor Kitzhaber expressed concerns about the games’ possible appeal to minors. It’s unclear if the ORcade controversy is directly related to the resignations, but one of the lottery employees who resigned, marketing director Carole Hardy, played a key role in developing the program.

All of this comes at a time when the Oregon Lottery is also dealing with sexual harassment charges leveled against its director and ongoing concerns over lottery retailers on Hayden Island.

What’s next for the Oregon Lottery?

Do you play lottery games? Would you play them online? Do you have concerns about online lottery games?


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