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Oregon Red Cross Aids Sandy Victims

Pete Springer/OPB

A week after Superstorm Sandy about 582,000 residents of New Jersey remain without power and many people are displaced because their homes were destroyed or damaged. The Oregon Red Cross has responded by sending nearly 70 volunteers to help.

Eric Corliss, COO of the Oregon Red Cross, is working as the deputy director of the American Red Cross’s New Jersey relief effort. He tells us the Red Cross’s mission is to provide the bare essentials, “Make sure people have a warm bed, food to eat, and clothes to wear.”

With a new storm heading up the east coast that may bring sub-freezing temperatures with it, the job of relief organizations may soon get even harder. We’ll check in with Corliss to see how the relief effort is going, and what to expect from the next storm.

What questions do you have for the Oregon Red Cross?

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