Best challenging hikes in the Columbia River Gorge: No. 3 — Dog Mountain Loop

Best challenging hikes in the Columbia River Gorge: No. 3 — Dog Mountain Loop

Zach Urness/Statesman Journal



  • Defendants who can’t assist in their own criminal trials are supposed to be admitted to the Oregon State Hospital within seven days of intake for mental health treatment. That isn’t always happening, and dozens of people are waiting in jails around the state to get into the hospital. Patrick Allen, director of the Oregon Health Authority, says one solution is to fund community health centers.



  • Over a dozen sheriffs in Washington have said they’ll refuse to enforce a new gun control law that goes into effect this summer. Some sheriffs all across the West have said they have the right to enforce laws and interpret the constitution as they see fit. OPB reporter Jonathan Levinson gives us an overview of the constitutional sheriffs movement and where it stands in Oregon.



  • A recent article in Education Week highlights a trend in school security — digital surveillance. More and more districts around the country, including in the Northwest, are buying software to monitor and flag students’ social media posts and emails for language that could indicate they are at risk of harming themselves or others. But what are the consequences of constant surveillance? We talk with Education Week reporter Benjamin Herold.



  • Is hiking with a face mask the new normal? That’s the headline from a recent Buzzfeed News piece written by Wudan Yan. We hear from Yan about how climate change is affecting outdoor recreation in the Pacific Northwest.

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