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Oregon State Student Media Adviser Appeals Denial Of Public Records

Pete Springer/OPB

Kate Willson came from the investigating reporting world to Oregon State University to work as the news adviser for the student media department. Her focus is training journalists to work with data. Willson was surprised when she ran into trouble when she requested public records related to crime statistics and compensation at the university last term. Willson was told she’d have to make her requests as a private citizen or work with students to make the requests, which she subsequently did. She has filed the latest appeal this week, along with OSU student Megan Campbell and Corvallis Gazette-Times reporter Bennett Hall.

Steve Clark is the vice-president of university relations and marketing. He says the university has provided much of the information that Willson requested, but not all of it. Clark says both he and OSU as an institution are committed to the free flow of information. He sees this conflict as a fundamental difference in interpretation.

We’ll find out more about the laws surrounding public records requests and what’s likely to happen with Kate Willson’s latest appeal.


  • Kate Willson: News adviser for Student Media at Oregon State University
  • Steve Clark: Vice-president of university relations and marketing for Oregon State University

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