The online dating service, OkCupid.

The online dating service, OkCupid.

Jenn Chavez/OPB

  • Rates of sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise across the country. Karen Yeargain, the communicable disease coordinator for Crook County Health Department in Central Oregon, tells us why the number of STD cases in her community is increasing.
  • Black and Filipina journalist Meerah Powell conducted an experiment: She and a white colleague set up nearly identical profiles on online dating sites to compare the responses they received. The results were telling — and became the subject of Powell’s recent Eugene Weekly feature, Swiping While Black. She joins us to talk about the casual racism people of color encounter while online dating. NOTE: Meerah Powell is a former paid OPB intern.

  • Portland author Willy Vlautin’s new novel tells the story of a young Nevada ranch hand who dreams of becoming a Mexican boxer. 

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