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Oregon Supreme Court Hears Haugen Case

Pete Springer/OPB/Creative Commons

Gary Haugen’s unusual legal case has been winding its way through the system since November 2011 when Governor John Kitzhaber halted all executions. In several shows since that time, we’ve explored the history of the death penalty and Gary Haugen‘s story specifically.

Haugen was convicted of two murders and dropped his appeal of his death sentence, expecting that he would then be executed. He does not accept Kitzhaber’s order preventing his execution and argues that the state should carry out his sentence. 

The Oregon Supreme Court hears the case Thursday morning at the University of Oregon School of Law. We’ll speak to Margie Paris, law professor and former dean of the law school, who will be in attendance, about the arguments each side is making.

The court is not expected to make an immediate ruling.

Have you been following the Gary Haugen death penalty case? What questions do you have about it or the legality of the death penalty in Oregon? 


  • Margie Paris: Professor of law at the University of Oregon School of Law
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