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Oregonian Publisher Talks About The Changes

Pete Springer/OPB

a href=”/thinkoutloud/shows/oregonian-changes-three-day-delivery/”>Yesterday the president and publisher of The Oregonian, N. Christian Anderson III, broke some big news to the paper’s staff. Beginning October 1 the paper will continue to publish seven days a week, but delivery will only happen on four days. There will be a new digital version of the paper called “My Digital O.” The Oregonian will move offices. And there will be “significant layoffs.”

Staff are expected to find out by the end of the day today if they will have a job come October 1.

We’ll get Anderson’s take on what is happening.

What would you like to know from the publisher of The Oregonian?


  • N. Christian Anderson III: president and publisher of The Oregonian (soon to be president of Oregonian Media Group)
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