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Oregon's Cash Crab Crop

Pete Springer/OPB

Oregon is one of the nation’s leaders for Dungeness crab exports, the state’s most valuable seafood commodity (PDF). The Dungeness crab has also been commemorated as the state’s official crustacean. Most importantly, Dungeness crab production is growing. When the season ended mid-August, the harvest proved to be the second most valuable in industry history. Oregon crabbers netted more than 21 million pounds of Dungeness crabs, which is nine million pounds higher than the 30 year average. While this year’s harvest was actually smaller than last year’s, a jump in price for crabs made this year unusually profitable. Nick Furman, executive director of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission, says this season’s bounty is part of a growing trend.

Are you a crabber — commercially or recreationally? What changes have you seen this year? Do you eat crab? Have you seen a change in price at your local supermarket or favorite seafood restaurant?

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