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Oregon's First Education Officer: Rudy Crew

Pete Springer/OPB

During the 2011 legislative session, Governor John Kitzhaber pushed through a bill that makes the governor the superintendent of public instruction. The bill requires the governor to appoint a deputy superintendent to run the education department and oversee the schools. Last month, Kitzhaber named former head of New York City schools, Rudy Crew, as his chief education officer. Crew began his job this week.

Crew has a long history in public education. He spent four years each as the head of the New York City and Miami-Dade County school systems. But both positions ended on bad terms due to disagreements with the school boards. But the appointments were not without achievements such as reducing overcrowding and improving test scores.

Are you a teacher or student in public school in Oregon? What quesitons do you have for Rudy Crew? What reforms do you want to see in Oregon schools?

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