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Oregon's Historic Places

Pete Springer/OPB

Oregon’s historic preservation office recently recommended Memorial Coliseum for a listing on the National Regiser of Historic Places — in part to save it from demolition. A local architect put in the application back in April, when the city strongly considered tearing down the building in order to put up a baseball stadium. The proposal was scrapped, in part due to public outcry. Once it’s designated as a historical site, it will be nearly impossible to tear down, which could put a kink some of the city’s development plans for the Rose Quarter.

If it is added to the National Register of Historic Places, Memorial Coliseum would join 1,891 other structures and districts around the state, including Timberline Lodge, the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse (built in 1879), and a 31 foot tall statue of Paul Bunyan in North Portland. Historic designation can serve to protect these various sites from demolition or significant remodeling, while putting them on the map as tourist destinations. It can also make construction in the area complicated.

Do you live or work in an historic building or district? How does the historical designation affect you? What are the places that you consider historically significant in Oregon? Are they on the National Register? (Please post links to photos.)


  • Peter Meijer: Principal at Peter Meijer Architect
  • Roger Roper: Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer and assistant director of Heritage Programs at Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
  • Bette Nelson: Widow of the man who built the Paul Bunyan statue
  • Charlie Mitchell: Community and economic development director for the City of La Grande

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