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Our Town: Lakeview

Pete Springer/OPB

The town of Lakeview sits in south-central Oregon a mere 15 miles from the California border. Residents can drive to Reno, Nevada in four hours — half the time it takes to get to Portland.

Several schools, ranching, a mill, and a prison provide many jobs for the town. Additionally, natural resource industries are an integral part of Lakeview’s economy.

A natural gas pipeline finished construction last year, and PGE recently announced plans for its first commercial-scale solar power facility in Lakeview. The town has begun to embrace geothermal energy, though early attempts have sparked some controversy. The town was also slated to be the site of an Iberdrola biomass plant, but low energy prices have put the project on hold indefinitely. Lakeview is also home to an FSC-certified timber operation.

The surrounding area is known for its prime hang gliding and birding territory.

We’ve put together a companion website for the Our Town series. Head over there to check out our interactive map which includes interviews and photographs of the people and places of Lakeview.

Check out some photos from the show, live from Eagle’s Nest in Lakeview: 

Are you from Lakeview? Have you visited? What should people know about Lakeview? What do you want to know about it?


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