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Overseeing Portland's Department Of Justice Settlement

Portland Police

Portland Police

Lucila Cejas Epple/OPB

It’s been more than two years since the city of Portland settled with the U.S. Department of Justice department over the agency’s finding that its officers engaged in a pattern of excessive use of force, especially against those with mental illness. But one key part of that agreement — a compliance officer/community liaison to oversee the reforms agreed to in the settlement  — is just now getting underway. Chicago-based consultants (pdf) Dennis Rosenbaum and his colleague, Amy Watson were chosen to fulfill that role, along with former Oregon Supreme Court Justice, Paul De Muniz.

The police oversight board, made up of 15 citizen members and police representatives, held their first formal meeting this week. We’ll talk with Dennis Rosenbaum about how that meeting went and his expectations for how the group will work going forward.

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