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Overtime At TriMet Leads To Tired Drivers

Pete Springer/OPB

According to an investigation by The Oregonian, TriMet’s long-standing hiring freeze has lead to a wealth of overtime opportunities for drivers. But by accepting extended hours, MAX and bus drivers frequently put themselves at risk for fatigue. The article cites several incidents where TriMet riders reported drivers apparently falling asleep at the wheel.

TriMet’s response seeks to reassure riders by pointing out that even drivers who choose to work a lot of overtime are in compliance with the agency’s hours of service policy, which is approved by the Oregon Department of Transportation. TriMet also says that any complaint about a sleepy driver prompts a “field fit-for-duty check on the operator.”

Do you ride TriMet? Do you have experience as a bus or MAX driver? What’s your response to the article in The Oregonian?


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