The Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

The Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

Chris Lehman/OPB

  • Gov. Kate Brown holds a ceremonial signing celebration today of a bill to guarantee a Bill of Rights for children of incarcerated parents. We’re joined by Sarah Carson with the San Francisco based nonprofit that pioneered this idea, Ebony Howard, who was incarcerated and separated from her son for a year, and Heather Rowlett, who never knew her incarcerated father growing up.   
  • OPB reporter Austin Jenkins fills us in on a lawsuit filed by ten news organizations against the Washington State Legislature claiming multiple violations of the state’s Public Records Act. (Jenkins reports for the Northwest News Network, which is a collaboration between public radio stations including OPB. The Northwest News Network is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.)
  • As the Trump administration begins an overhaul of Obama-era policy guidance on the way colleges handle sexual assault, the University of Oregon is adopting a new policy of its own this school year. Under the new rule, most school faculty will no longer be required to file a report if a student confides in them about an alleged sexual assault, in favor of a more “student-led” approach to reporting. We learn more from UO Associate Vice President and Title IX Coordinator Darci Heroy and UO professor of psychology Jennifer Freyd.

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