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Paying For College Without Going Into Debt

Pete Springer/OPB

What if you could enroll in college without having to take out student loans to pay the tuition? That’s exactly what a group of Portland State University students is proposing to a legislative panel convening on campus on Monday. The “Pay It Forward” proposal (also advocated by the Working Families Party of Oregon) would allow students here to enroll at a university without paying tuition. Instead, students would agree to pay a percentage of their income for 20 years: one and a half percent for community college, and three percent for a four year college. 

The push came out of unique class at PSU focused on the social and economic ramifications of student debt. Students are hoping lawmakers will take up the proposal in the 2013 legislative session that begins January 14.

Are you struggling to repay college loans? Would you be interested in a “pay it forward” type of funding model for your own or your children’s higher education?

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