Oregon State University President Ed Ray

Oregon State University President Ed Ray

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  • It started out as a joke, just something fun to talk about. And then it really happened. Fifteen-year-old Aiden Bork worked with their local PFLAG chapter to organize Pendleton’s first Pride parade on June 24. After hearing from some speakers, about 75 people marched through downtown. Bork says they were inspired by the weekly Black Lives Matter protests happening in Pendleton.



  • Ed Ray has been the president of Oregon State University since 2003. His last day in this job is June 30, 2020. He will continue to serve as an economics professor at the university. We talk with him about his legacy and what he sees on the horizon for OSU as the school works to combat racism and continues to deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.



  • On Monday, Profile Theater releases the final episode of their new podcast series called “Claudia, A Viral Love Story.” It was written by 9 different playwrights creating a story that travels around the world following the path of the novel coronavirus, and a French-speaking pangolin named Claudia. Portland playwright Dan Kitrosser wrote one of the scenes and acted in the production. He joins us to talk about this new kind of theater for a new kind of world.

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